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New Feature on Perennial and Nursery News!

In direct response to the many inquiries we have received from you, our loyal readers, this month we are premiering a new ‘Ask the Expert’ feature on Perennial and Nursery News.

Do you have a perennial question for which you just can’t get a definitive answer?
Are your customers asking you questions about perennials that you can’t answer?
As a grower, do you have a technical question about perennials that’s got you stumped?

We’re here to help you out.

Just click on the ‘Ask the Expert’ feature and follow the prompts.  

Ask us your question, and, depending on the number of questions we receive, we’ll answer it in the next, or subsequent issues.

This month, we’re answering three questions that we’ve received in the past couple of weeks.

We look forward to putting on our thinking caps on your behalf.

Ask away (must be logged in first)!!
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Why would a landscape architect reject plant substitutions of cultivars for native plants?  
What is a Nativar? Is it something like a ‘cultivar’?  
How do I keep calcium from building up in my irrigation lines?  
Just who are these people who dictate these changes to the ‘proper’ name for ornamental plants? Do they take into account the confusion to the public and the expense incurred with tags, signage and catalogues?  
Green Roofs are new and becoming more popular and Sedum are touted as ideal plants for Extensive Green Roof systems. What is the difference between Extensive and Intensive Green Roof systems?  
When writing about the relationships of plants, is it necessary to italicize family names such as Laminaceae?  
What is the correct way of listing trademarked and/or patented plants in a commercial catalogue or trade list? For example, the Meadow Sage known as Marcus or Salvia nemorosa ‘Haeumanarc’ PP13,322 MARCUS™  
Why are there so many varieties of Heuchera, and more seemingly coming on the market hourly? Is it because they're so easy to hybridize? If I'm looking at, say, two seemingly identical Heuchera — one hybridized 5 years ago, and one that came on the mark  
Many of my container gardening customers who live in condos or apartments and are asking: Can one successfully over winter Hydrangea in a container? If so, down to what zone and for how many years can one count on successful reappearance and re-bloomin  
With the popularity of container gardening for condo and apartment residents, can you tell me if it’s possible to successfully over winter Hosta in a container? If so, down to what zone, and for how many years can one count on the successful reappearanc  

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