Of Interest to Growers
UV light offers possibilities against powdery mildew Print
Of Interest to Growers

The latest experiments with UV light indicate that fewer fungicide applications are required when applied in the correct manner. DLV (research group) tested the potential of UV light treatments on several nursery crops and perennials.

During the past growing season, DLV Plant conducted follow-up research in the potential of sustainable control of fungi with the help of UV light treatments. The research was financed by the Product Board for Horticulture (formally known as ‘Productschap Tuinbouw’).  The crops tested at the trial location in Boskoop were Prunus, Rosa, Quercus, Acer and Sempervivum.
Measuring Sustainability Print
Thursday, 09 September 2010 18:56
Of Interest to Growers

Sustainability has become very important to our society. Through sustainable purchasing policies, for instance, governments have been trying to motivate growers to use fewer chemical products. Convinced that sustainability is more than just reduced use of fertilizers and pesticides, however, two years ago the Dutch-based ZLTO Business Group took the initiative to develop an integral evaluation system for sustainability in the nursery sector.
Scales and moisture sensors help with irrigation management Print
Tuesday, 04 May 2010 19:32

Growers are increasingly interested in optimizing irrigation water delivery in pot and container production. For monitoring and control of the irrigation water delivery two different systems are currently in the market: Scales and moisture sensors. PPO Boomkwekerij investigated both systems for advantages and disadvantages.

Timing of predatory mite release for spider mite control Print
Wednesday, 03 February 2010 00:00

Biological Control — of interest to Growers

The use of predatory mites is not only environmentally friendly, it also has production advantages. Mites can travel into areas that sprayed pest control products cannot reach. In addition, many growers prefer working with predatory mites rather than spraying. The cost should not be a deterrent. A demonstration project by two European growers clearly showed that the cost of an integrated pest management approach to spider mite control varies very little from a chemical approach.

Cleaning Your Drip Irrigation System Print
Tuesday, 22 December 2009 20:19

Photo by Dave TrainerProduction Advice – of Interest to Growers

Companies that use drip irrigation are advised to thoroughly clean their system prior to the next irrigation season. In practice many systems, headers, lines and drippers are often dirty and sometimes plugged.

For many years now we have known about the importance of irrigating and fertilizing no more than the plant or tree requires. With the increase in the production of nursery crops in large containers, bags and other above ground containers, the usage of drip  and micro irrigation has grown tremendously. Not every user appreciates the need for regular maintenance of both inline and spaghetti style drip irrigation. This has been noted in the European nursery industry where it was not unusual find irrigation systems clogged with iron, calcium and/or fine sand deposits.

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